Terms of Service for The Coaching Staff Network

Welcome to the CoachingStaff Network. Online since 1998, we’ve been providing downloadable coaching-related content like PDFs, PowerPoints, playbooks, and videos.

  1. Services: By using our network of sites, you gain access to a wealth of resources aimed at supporting and enriching your coaching journey.

  2. User Registration: To benefit from our content, we ask that you register on our website, providing us with your name and an email address.

  3. User Conduct: We value a respectful and professional community. As such, users are encouraged to post coaching-related information but must refrain from posting content that is rude, vulgar, sexually suggestive, or otherwise inappropriate. Violations will be addressed with the removal of content and possible blocking of the user account associated with the violating email address.

  4. Copyright: We hold a deep respect for the intellectual property rights of others. Should we be notified of any content that infringes upon these rights, we commit to its prompt removal.

  5. Complaints and Disputes: For any complaints, disputes, or queries, please reach out to us via our email.

  6. Amendments: In our commitment to evolve and adapt, we may periodically update these terms. Any changes will be posted on our CoachingStaff Network of sites.